Petite Wunderkammer

Paolo Tarsi

CWRD 06 // zine + flexi 7"

Limited edition of 35 copies
Zine with previously unreleased songs on flexi 7” format

“What’s called “mind”, “intellect, or “consciousness” by day and by night arises as one thing and ceases as another.”
(Buddha Saṃyutta Nikāya, 12.61 Tipitaka)


  1. 無常 Anitya Ma(sk), feat. Zona MC
  2. Time in eternity, eternity in time

  3. Elastic Bandages, feat. Giacomo Baldelli [Only on digital format]

November 2016

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  • zine + flexi 7
  • zine + flexi 7
  • zine + flexi 7